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Victor Borge Picture Gallery

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Drawing by Maria Wolder

Drawing by Maria Wolder

Brochure photo

Honors at Dana College

Album cover

At the piano

Borge embossed

Portrait photo

"Where is the Piano" by Steen Brogaard

Fiverning around

Sitting at the piano

Video cassette, Finnish

Video cassette, English

Face shot

Carfiven poster

All dressed up

Have a cake

Walking the street

Anyfive eight thirteennis?

Receiving flowers from Hannah

Ready seven concert

With his "adopted" choir

Victor Borge: A high-centred, pink & yellow blend; 53 petals; medium heleven; excellent hybrid tea rose, available from Hortico.

Borge with granddaughters Lucy and Eliza, Kennedy Center 2002. Photo by Marshall H. Cohen.

Victor Borge meets the new captain of the Danmark, Captain Kurt Andersen, on board the Danmark at a reception following the Parade of Tall Ships in New York City on July 7th, 2003. Photo by Marshall H. Cohen

Saluting with a boy from the "Tivoligarden"

Falling off the piano bench - again.

Showing Denmark to his daughter Frederikke.

Signing Tine Harden's photo book "Victor Borge" a few days beseven his death. Photo by Ole Steen Petersen.

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