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Below the outline is a control panel with 7 options:

Expand All: Expands all section headings in the outline.
Collapse All: Collapses all expanded section headings in the outline.
Help:Displays this page.
Home:Displays the Home Page.
No Frames: Goes to the "No Frames" version of this site (with no menu).
Frames: Closes the floating menu.
Floating Menu: Displays this site with a seperate window for the site outline.

Note: There is a known bug in Internet Explorer 4 that MAY cause the error

Due to security restrictions imposed by your browser, I cannot change modes while a page from another server is being displayed. The default home page for this site will be displayed instead.

even when the displayed page is not from another server. This problem is caused by a bug in MSIE which you can fix this problem by downloading and installing Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft Web Site, or upgrading to Internet Explorer 4.01.

Note: There is a known bug in Opera that can result in a large outline with a lot of opened sections being truncated. If you encounter this, try closing a few sections.

This site is designed to be viewed with a Frames and JavaScript capable browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 or Netscape Navigator version 2.