Werner Knudsen

Werner KnudsenComposer, writer, and IT architect.

Werner composes mostly songs, choral music, and organ music. His choral cycle Summer Songs based on four poems by Thøger Larsen is published on Edition Samfundet.

Werner is a singer of Akademisk Kor and for many years he was chairman - and music arranger - of The Children's Choir of the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Further to song texts he is the author of several popular Internet books.

About the music on thes pages

Working with the poems of Thøger Larsen has been very inspiring. His lyrics simply beg for being set to music and I wonder why only a few of them have well known melodies.

Contact Information

Werner Knudsen, Tulipanvej 5, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark. Phone +45 43 42 04 08, email wkn@kor.dk

All music and text on these pages is copyrighted by Werner Knudsen, any use or performance must be duly reported.